How the Movies have been shaped by the American Culture

In Charlottesville, Virginia life is very hectic. Yet one place people can find peace and relax. The movies are a place that people seem to go when they want to get away from whats going on in the world, you can go and watch movies on a place maybe you want to live or even a life you wish you had.  The movies have gone from a place that people go to relax and a place that people highly enjoy going to with friends and family’s. To a place that some even fear and will not go to anymore, after all of the recent violence in movie theaters.

Movie theaters chains around the country have stepped up security in many different ways. At Stonefield the Regal chain has decided to add a Police officer on busy nights and bag checks on every single bag from now on. This is steaming from all of the shootings that have occurred in movie theaters, one of the most known one being the Aurora 2012 shooting that killed 12 and injured more than 58 others. Many other shootings have followed these, some having no fatality’s and some having many. Yet, movies still seem to be a place that people still enjoy going to and gathering at.

Regal hopes to be able to minimize the chance of weapons getting into the theaters and cause another horrible tragedy. The guest reaction has not all been positive, some people feel like it is an invasion of their privacy and some feel like it is not needed. Overall most of the feedback has been positive and it helps guest and all of the workers at the movies feel safer when they come to work.

Overall, one of the things that stood out to me being that I work at regal and I highly enjoy the movies so I go quite often still. Is how though out all of the violence and hate that movies have gotten they still attract thousands of people every day.  People are able to still find the movies as a safe place and a place that they can go live there dreams as a Disney princess like Belle or a hero like Super Man.

Same Sex Marriage.

Same Sex marriage has been a trending topic for the past couple of months. Some people believe that marriage should only be between a man and a women, not a man and a man or a women and a women. Thus making protest something that has been a reoccurring trend in the news. Protests went both ways some for marriage equality and some form the demand to not pass the law for equal marriage. When people look at this image they could see a verity of different things, some might see a protest for something that they support like equal marriage. People could support it for many different reasons, maybe they are LGBTQ or just simply because they stand for equality. Some might see this picture and feel disgusted or anger towards this picture. If they are against equal marriage because of religious reasons like the bible or even just personal beliefs.