Inside the Secret Service and the 1994 shooting.

The interview is broken into four parts. I interviewed my grandfather who worked as a K9 officer for the secret service for over 24 years. After talking we decided that the shooting on October 29,1994. He vaguely remembers  this day but after looking at all of the newspapers that he appeared on it jogged his memory some.

When the shooting took place the secret service agents didn’t really think much of it as they thought maybe it was fire works. But two pedestrians ended up tackling the shooters who’s name is Francisco Martin Duran. To this day there is no clear answer as to why he shot at the White House, it seems to just have been a spur of the moment.

Pennsylvania Avenue didn’t fully close after this shooting, it was officially closed in front of the white house after the Oklahoma bombing years after. Looking back at this my grandfather says that this has to be one of the top things that happened at the White House when he worked there.

My grandfather had Japp for his whole life and once japp was retired my grandfather retired too.

(The interview had to be cut into four parts because my grandfather had to make sure that he didn’t say and classified material.)

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  1. Caroline,
    This is a very good post. The interview is fascinating and I appreciate the technological skill you showed by dividing it into pieces. One thing you might think about is making the post more visually appealing with an image perhaps of the beloved Japp and embedding the links so they are clickable. Overall, though, this is very good!

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