The start of the family

Charles Manson, didn’t start The Family right away. The Spahn Ranch is where the family started to form, he had people from all over the country come and join him. People started to join by word of mouth, some people were in need of a home and were willing to do anything for a house, while some left their family, some left wife’s and husband’s. Once people had been on the ranch for long enough, they had seen him as a father. Once one of the members had taken 5,000 dollars from her husband, who she had left and moved to the ranch with her child,  and once the husband found out that 5,000 dollars was missing he found out where she was and he went there. Once he got to the ranch he was fuming and demanded that his money be given back, and Charles was calm as ever and didn’t seem phased. He told them that it was now his money and they weren’t going to get it back but they could kill him if they wanted to, of course they didn’t want to but they were so freaked out by this they ended up leaving right away and they didn’t ever get any of there money back.  Charles was the protector and the controller of everyone’s life. He would give his family drugs and have them smoke and drink, yet he wouldn’t have much or anything even. This would help him maintain control over the situation. This shows just a small part of how Charles was extremely multiplicative and how he had everyone captivated by him.


Film:Manson, from the History Channel.

Life in jail

Once Charles Manson was on trial for these murders of pregnant Sharron Tate and other Hollywood residents, a shocking factor is that he wasn’t actually found guilty murder. Manson was charged with  first-degree murder for directing the deaths of the Tate/LaBianca victims. He was sentenced to death, but this was automatically commuted to life in prison after Californian’s Supreme Court invalidated all death sentences prior to 1972. By the age of 30 Charles Manson had spent more than half of his life in prison, it is said that he asked to not be released, long before the murders. Jail had been a home to him, when he wasn’t in jail he was on the streets and he thought that it wasn’t meant for him. Many people were furious when Manson’s sentence was changed from death to then life in prison, after Californian’s Supreme Court invalidated all death sentences prior to 1972. They thought that letting him live out his his life wasn’t fair after he had been the master mind in taking six innocent peoples life, the most famous being actress Sharon Tate, who was pregnant at the time of the murder.

Charles Manson

The topic that I have looked at is Charles Manson, I have watched a couple videos, some being interviews and some being reports on his new wife or the killings. The one that has stood out to me that most so far has been the interview with the Today Show. I have learned the most about his character and how he sees what he as done. He see’s what he has done as nothing, as he didn’t physically kill anyone but he was the mastermind and manipulator of these girls, who killed the people. He also doesn’t have any remorse for what he has cause, he said that he would do it again, and it would only feel like “he was going to the store. ” At that point in the interview you can clearly tell that the interviewer has become shocked and almost scared, like she just has finally seen the monster in him and the depth of how he has no guilt or sense of pain. During the interview he starts to talk incoherently, but then quickly becomes angry afterwards. Manson doesn’t seem like he fully knows where he is or even what is fully going on sometimes. Not only does he not understand what he did is wrong but he thinks that if he killed 400-500 people he would do America justice.  Over all I have found it fascinating to read and watch short films about Charles Manson. I do want to find more information  on his life before the killings and how he was viewed, he did make films and he was a interesting person in the community, so far.