Rififi Movie

When watching this movie I was sitting on the edge of my seat, especially during the last 10 minutes. Despite the movie being in french, and having a good 45 minutes being completely silent. I highly enjoyed watching Rififi, I would say that I could easily sit down and re-watch this movie again and again and pick up new meaning to certain parts and even maybe some of the foreshadowing that was going on.

The part that was the most interesting was either the actual heist, obviously, but I really found the last 2 minutes of the film to be the most edge gripping and how my heart started hammering and I was unable to sit still. All yo unwanted was for the child to get home to his mother, the money to get back safely. Only one of those happened.

Another part that got my heart hammering was when they were getting ready to break into the safe, but first they needed to silence the alarm system. This was nerve racking because of the fact that there are police that roam around out on the streets that could possibly put the whole heist on hold if they were to second question anything.


BFI film festival

When looking at movie festivals around the world, one that comes up over and over is the BFI London film festival. It takes place over 12 days, with 248 movies shown, in 15 different cinemas, from over 74 countries around the world. In 2015, they had over 175,000 people come to see movies.

Some things that I would like to take from the film festival and possibly think about using in our own is, they have a secret movie, they also have many locations and finally they have different ticket prices because of the panels and non panel movies.

I like the secret movie because it is unique and not something that everyone does, they buy the tickets in advance and when they show up they have a great movie to watch. This could be where we have a surprise panel, just something to make it really unique so in the next upcoming years if this idea was kept then you build the want and anticipation of wanting to get tickets to see the secret movie.

Having two locations would maximize the profit that we would make, if we used Green way Rise and possibly Randolph hall auditorium. then we could show two movies at once, one could be three short films during the duration of one long movie.

Also I found a cool trailer for the 60th BFI film festival that took place last week.