Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette

Mix of old and new, it is set in 1774 but filmed in 2006

They take her beloved “mops” (Pug) away when she arrives to meet her fiance because pugs aren’t a french dog she can’t keep him.

They also strip her of anything that “belonged to her foreign court”

When she comes out of the tent after being changed into new clothes and “a real french women” she looks years older and more like a women in the 1774.

Women seem to always carry around small dogs

When she first arrives all the women just stand there and judge her, no one wants to help. It’s almost like they are afraid of her or she’s an alien

Whats up with the little kids that follow her around when she is walking to her new room?

What did the large hips on the dresses signify?

When they first eat together it is the most awkward thing I have ever seen

When the king’s mistress burps at the table everyone is appalled, it cuts some of the awkwardness of the film.

Marie can’t seem to find anyone to talk to, when her own fiancee comes to bed he says he’s tired and that shuts down the conversation.

There are two ladies that are her friends to her face but talk the most crap and spread the most rumors about her every time they get the chance.

Marie breaks the rules by clapping in the middle of the performance, but soon after everyone else erupts in clapping too.

When others start to get pregnant and then give birth, the rumor mills start turning again about how unhappy her life is and that she can’t bear any children

They decide that they will sneak away the the ball, even though they didn’t receive invites

When the king falls ill with smallpox his mistress disappears. In the scene following that you find out that the king as died, and that now means louis and marie are king and queen

Did they do birthday cakes back in 1774??

Maire almost catches her hair on fire a couple times as it is so high and puffy

Marie finally gives birth to a child, its a girl

Marie is a non traditional queen, she doesn’t like all of the help, she’d rather do things herself.

She also has a mini village that she helps garden and plays with the animals,she makes a request for simple clothes to wear as she also isn’t a fan of the fancy large dresses


Did Marie just have an affair with a general??

Marie’s mother dies and the scene after she gives birth to a heir


This time when Marie claps at the opera no one else does, they all look at her with judgement, as many aren’t happy with the royal family


All of the blood royals start to flee out of France in order to protect them incase the king and queen are killed


The last thing you see before the movie ends is the bedroom damaged, presumably because the protesters had gone through the palace looking for anything that is worth volume

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