The Virgin Suicides

The Virgin Suicides- The movie is told from the point of view from the future and also from one of the five guys.

the youngest girl that is the first to try and commit suicide, when she goes into therapy they have her wearing white and that is the sign of purity. Even though she doesn’t have a innocent mind because she thinks about death. The girls are so sheltered in the start of the movie that when they have a boy over for dinner they are in love and doting over him. At the beginning of the party that they were able to threo it reminded me of a middle school dance party, very awkward and lame.

Cecilia- commits suicide by jumping off the roof or out the window and landing on a spike in the fence, this is right after she asks to leave the “party” that was being thrown for her thanks to her therapist.

They list cecilia’s death as an accident, probably because the family is so ashamed and suicide is looked down on so highly, now I can’t imagine what people thought of it back then.

The five guys that were at the party get ahold of her journal and they end up going through it.. It’s weird because they read so much into it they don’t see that nothing really means what they think.

People start to see cecilia, almost as a ghost but she quickly fades away once they realize that it’s her

The actress that plays mary, is in criminal minds

Trip wears a velvet suit to hoco where he takes lux, he’s only allowed to because he has three other guys to take the sisters and mr.lisbon will be at the school dance.

Again a lot of things in this movie are white, the flowers for hoco, the dresses the walls.

With 54:59 left, she drinks out of the bottle of liquor and when she drinks out of it, it looks half empty but when they hand it to the next couple it looks full and almost unopened.

Trip left lux alone on the field after not taking her home when he promised he would

After that happened trip never saw lux again, but since, lux missed the curfew all of the girls ended up being pulled out of school and the boys then struggled to see them.

The boys make plans to see the girls and lux tells them to wait, and then next thing you know all four girls commit suicide.

This is one of my favorite movies I have ever watched, but I can’t pin point why or what makes it so good.

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