Going on strike? Think again.

Unfair to Babies

When looking at this poster, some things that stick out. The baby that is holding the strike poster that normally is held when workers go on strike from their job.  The posters purpose is to use a baby that is helpless and depends on the parents care to live, and change it to show that work is like a baby too, others in this world need you to work so they can have the essential needs that you make. By using the baby it might also make mothers think twice about striking, if they think that they wouldn’t go on strike of taking care of their child why would they go on strike at there job.



Unfair to Babies

The start of the family

Charles Manson, didn’t start The Family right away. The Spahn Ranch is where the family started to form, he had people from all over the country come and join him. People started to join by word of mouth, some people were in need of a home and were willing to do anything for a house, while some left their family, some left wife’s and husband’s. Once people had been on the ranch for long enough, they had seen him as a father. Once one of the members had taken 5,000 dollars from her husband, who she had left and moved to the ranch with her child,  and once the husband found out that 5,000 dollars was missing he found out where she was and he went there. Once he got to the ranch he was fuming and demanded that his money be given back, and Charles was calm as ever and didn’t seem phased. He told them that it was now his money and they weren’t going to get it back but they could kill him if they wanted to, of course they didn’t want to but they were so freaked out by this they ended up leaving right away and they didn’t ever get any of there money back.  Charles was the protector and the controller of everyone’s life. He would give his family drugs and have them smoke and drink, yet he wouldn’t have much or anything even. This would help him maintain control over the situation. This shows just a small part of how Charles was extremely multiplicative and how he had everyone captivated by him.


Film:Manson, from the History Channel.

Life in jail

Once Charles Manson was on trial for these murders of pregnant Sharron Tate and other Hollywood residents, a shocking factor is that he wasn’t actually found guilty murder. Manson was charged with  first-degree murder for directing the deaths of the Tate/LaBianca victims. He was sentenced to death, but this was automatically commuted to life in prison after Californian’s Supreme Court invalidated all death sentences prior to 1972. By the age of 30 Charles Manson had spent more than half of his life in prison, it is said that he asked to not be released, long before the murders. Jail had been a home to him, when he wasn’t in jail he was on the streets and he thought that it wasn’t meant for him. Many people were furious when Manson’s sentence was changed from death to then life in prison, after Californian’s Supreme Court invalidated all death sentences prior to 1972. They thought that letting him live out his his life wasn’t fair after he had been the master mind in taking six innocent peoples life, the most famous being actress Sharon Tate, who was pregnant at the time of the murder.



Charles Manson

The topic that I have looked at is Charles Manson, I have watched a couple videos, some being interviews and some being reports on his new wife or the killings. The one that has stood out to me that most so far has been the interview with the Today Show. I have learned the most about his character and how he sees what he as done. He see’s what he has done as nothing, as he didn’t physically kill anyone but he was the mastermind and manipulator of these girls, who killed the people. He also doesn’t have any remorse for what he has cause, he said that he would do it again, and it would only feel like “he was going to the store. ” At that point in the interview you can clearly tell that the interviewer has become shocked and almost scared, like she just has finally seen the monster in him and the depth of how he has no guilt or sense of pain. During the interview he starts to talk incoherently, but then quickly becomes angry afterwards. Manson doesn’t seem like he fully knows where he is or even what is fully going on sometimes. Not only does he not understand what he did is wrong but he thinks that if he killed 400-500 people he would do America justice.  Over all I have found it fascinating to read and watch short films about Charles Manson. I do want to find more information  on his life before the killings and how he was viewed, he did make films and he was a interesting person in the community, so far.



Finn post 2

As, I get into the book, I find that it is hard to understand what they are saying and what is going on.  I wish that i had a better insite onto what Finn and Jim. For example when Finn hides the gold in the coffin, knowing more of why there and what his thought process was to do that would make the book more interesting.  The moral fight that goes on though out the whole book be a nice place to add more of a light, as it is interesting but hard to understand why at points he is contradicting himself and his actions that he had previously wanted to do.

Huck Finn and Jim

Huck and Jim are floating on the river as semi friends helping to escape both of their lives. Huck is struggling with the idea of keeping Jim as a friend in his mind, as he had been raised to see Jim as  slave ( property) rather than a person. Huck knows that befriending a runaway slave is highly shamed and dangerous in that time, in his mind set Huck thinks that the next time they hit ashore, he will turn in Jim, but as they get closer to hitting ashore he changes his mindset on that. He can relate to Jim because at this point Jim is all that Huck has in his life since he had been kidnapped by his father away from his adopted mother and then he faked his own death to runway from his drunken father. Jim on the other hand also ran away from Huck’s adopted mother sister, and he now has no family with him because he ran away, from the farm. He had to sacrifice leaving his family to not be sold and sent down the river and to not have a chance at being reunited with his family if that were to happen.

“It got to troubling me so I couldn’t rest: I couldn’t stay still in one place…… Conscience  up and said to me every time” (184)

We all know or have friends who have done something wrong or against the law. We struggle with what to do with that knowledge.  IS it our responsibility to turn them in or do we keep quiet to continue our friendship.   Sometimes we take so long to make our decision, the decision is made for us or at least that’s what we hope.  They are found out so we are not the tattle tale.  This is a life struggle that starts in early childhood when parents tell you not to tattle but they also tell you not to lie when they want to know what happened or who did what.

This part of the book ends with Huck debating whether or not to turn in Jim. He has had the chance and set his mind to doing that, but he has been wishy washy with doing it.

Jimmie W. Monteith

For my artifact project I decided to find something for my family history. I was able to find many interesting things, but one thing stood out to me the most. I found some printing press’ from the 1990’s.

IMG_5155 On the presses there are some of the articles from that newspaper but the one that stood out to me was about my Grandmothers cousin. His name is Jimmie W Monteith, he served in the military from 1941-1944. He attended Virginia Tech for two years before deciding to join the military. Jimmie became a 1st lieutenant, entering the Normandy invasion, he was put in charge of getting all of the tanks onto the sand off of the boats. But that came with complications, as they entered when the tied was high and they ended up dropping the gate to the boat too soon and that lead to over half of the tanks never making it to shore. That left Jimmie with little to work with as he was in charge of getting them into the enemy territory, but he somehow did it. Once he got them up to the shore and in position, he strategically moved them around the enemy obstacles and safely to “checkpoints”. Jimmie was named one of the most important people in D-day because if they didn’t have him they probably wouldn’t have gotten the tanks onto the shore.

A close up of the printing press used.
A close up of the printing press used.

After his death Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower and Gen. Omar Bradley recommended Jimmie for the metal of honor, Jimmie is one of the few maybe even the only one to be nominated by Two Generals for the metal of honor ever.  On March 19, 1945 Jimmies mother received the award in his honor, along with the metal of honor he has received the Purple heart for his heroic actions. Along with those two amazing awards. After his death a amphitheater than he use to spend time at during his training was renamed the Jimmie W Monteith in his memory. He also had a dorm at Virginia Tech named after him.

retrospect_ampitheatre-521x413The actual artifact is the printing press metal sheet it self. This was found in my attic and after doing some research about it, I found out that it really isn’t used anymore. Now a days newspapers are almost taken over by the fact that everything is so accessible online, from google use or even smartphone’s. With all of this new electrical progress no one really needs to go and buy a news paper when you can have basically the whole world at your finger tips.  The paper that printed this in the 1990’s was The Virginian, it is mainly located in Richmond but goes all over Virginia.

 In the picture above is a printing press from the 1990’s similar to the machine they used on the news paper I used for this project. Since the beginning of newspapers the processes has been tremendously shortened and simplified. At this point you only really needed the machine and the template and you a re ready to go.
IMG_3742In the picture’s above the first one is of Jimmie after his training and before his deployment. The second one is of Jimmies grave, this was taken by one of my younger brothers who was able to go over to Normandy this summer and see his grave and see where the battle took place. Jimmie is buried near the area they think he was killed. His name is one of three that has gold on it, because he was a metal of honor recipient.


Inside the Secret Service and the 1994 shooting.

The interview is broken into four parts. I interviewed my grandfather who worked as a K9 officer for the secret service for over 24 years. After talking we decided that the shooting on October 29,1994. He vaguely remembers  this day but after looking at all of the newspapers that he appeared on it jogged his memory some.

When the shooting took place the secret service agents didn’t really think much of it as they thought maybe it was fire works. But two pedestrians ended up tackling the shooters who’s name is Francisco Martin Duran. To this day there is no clear answer as to why he shot at the White House, it seems to just have been a spur of the moment.

Pennsylvania Avenue didn’t fully close after this shooting, it was officially closed in front of the white house after the Oklahoma bombing years after. Looking back at this my grandfather says that this has to be one of the top things that happened at the White House when he worked there.

My grandfather had Japp for his whole life and once japp was retired my grandfather retired too.

(The interview had to be cut into four parts because my grandfather had to make sure that he didn’t say and classified material.)



How the Movies have been shaped by the American Culture

In Charlottesville, Virginia life is very hectic. Yet one place people can find peace and relax. The movies are a place that people seem to go when they want to get away from whats going on in the world, you can go and watch movies on a place maybe you want to live or even a life you wish you had.  The movies have gone from a place that people go to relax and a place that people highly enjoy going to with friends and family’s. To a place that some even fear and will not go to anymore, after all of the recent violence in movie theaters.

Movie theaters chains around the country have stepped up security in many different ways. At Stonefield the Regal chain has decided to add a Police officer on busy nights and bag checks on every single bag from now on. This is steaming from all of the shootings that have occurred in movie theaters, one of the most known one being the Aurora 2012 shooting that killed 12 and injured more than 58 others. Many other shootings have followed these, some having no fatality’s and some having many. Yet, movies still seem to be a place that people still enjoy going to and gathering at.

Regal hopes to be able to minimize the chance of weapons getting into the theaters and cause another horrible tragedy. The guest reaction has not all been positive, some people feel like it is an invasion of their privacy and some feel like it is not needed. Overall most of the feedback has been positive and it helps guest and all of the workers at the movies feel safer when they come to work.

Overall, one of the things that stood out to me being that I work at regal and I highly enjoy the movies so I go quite often still. Is how though out all of the violence and hate that movies have gotten they still attract thousands of people every day.  People are able to still find the movies as a safe place and a place that they can go live there dreams as a Disney princess like Belle or a hero like Super Man.