The start of the family

Charles Manson, didn’t start The Family right away. The Spahn Ranch is where the family started to form, he had people from all over the country come and join him. People started to join by word of mouth, some people were in need of a home and were willing to do anything for a house, while some left their family, some left wife’s and husband’s. Once people had been on the ranch for long enough, they had seen him as a father. Once one of the members had taken 5,000 dollars from her husband, who she had left and moved to the ranch with her child,  and once the husband found out that 5,000 dollars was missing he found out where she was and he went there. Once he got to the ranch he was fuming and demanded that his money be given back, and Charles was calm as ever and didn’t seem phased. He told them that it was now his money and they weren’t going to get it back but they could kill him if they wanted to, of course they didn’t want to but they were so freaked out by this they ended up leaving right away and they didn’t ever get any of there money back.  Charles was the protector and the controller of everyone’s life. He would give his family drugs and have them smoke and drink, yet he wouldn’t have much or anything even. This would help him maintain control over the situation. This shows just a small part of how Charles was extremely multiplicative and how he had everyone captivated by him.


Film:Manson, from the History Channel.