Charles Manson

The topic that I have looked at is Charles Manson, I have watched a couple videos, some being interviews and some being reports on his new wife or the killings. The one that has stood out to me that most so far has been the interview with the Today Show. I have learned the most about his character and how he sees what he as done. He see’s what he has done as nothing, as he didn’t physically kill anyone but he was the mastermind and manipulator of these girls, who killed the people. He also doesn’t have any remorse for what he has cause, he said that he would do it again, and it would only feel like “he was going to the store. ” At that point in the interview you can clearly tell that the interviewer has become shocked and almost scared, like she just has finally seen the monster in him and the depth of how he has no guilt or sense of pain. During the interview he starts to talk incoherently, but then quickly becomes angry afterwards. Manson doesn’t seem like he fully knows where he is or even what is fully going on sometimes. Not only does he not understand what he did is wrong but he thinks that if he killed 400-500 people he would do America justice.¬† Over all I have found it fascinating to read and watch short films about Charles Manson. I do want to find more information¬† on his life before the killings and how he was viewed, he did make films and he was a interesting person in the community, so far.